Gloucester to celebrate Purple Day for epilepsy


Why not wear purple to show your support of epilepsy awareness?
Trudie Symens and her dance school, Gloucester Dance Studio will be showing their support by wearing purple for a full week.

Purple Day, Monday March 26, is the official day set aside for fundraising but the whole month of March is dedicated to the brain disorder which takes the form of recurring seizures.
Throughout March, Epilepsy Action Australia is urging people around the country to end the stigma and discrimination of epilepsy and wear purple, the international colour for epilepsy, in support.

The cause is one close to Trudie’s heart as her five year old son, Cooper suffers from severe epileptic seizures which has seen the family on a roller coaster ride in and out of hospital.

 Cooper Symens
This time last year, Cooper had only gone up to six weeks without a seizure and had difficulty making memories for special occasions like his birthday. Trudie had started making him a memory book so he could have something to look back on.
“On March 18, Coop will have gone five months seizure-free,” Trudie smiled.
“He remembers Santa coming for the first time.”

Cooper started school this year and he even recognises his school when he passes by, something he was unable to do last year.
His school, St Joseph’s Primary School will also be celebrating Purple Day.

Purple Day aims to encourage people to talk about epilepsy with this year’s theme being all about ‘No Fear’.
“Any conversation is a good conversation,” Trudie said.

Trudie is encouraging other people to embrace the cause and wear purple. 
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Source: www.gloucesteradvocate.com.au