Vitamin D Supplement May Benefit Bone Health in Epilepsy


Supplementation with vitamin D is associated with improved bone health in adult patients with epilepsy, according to a systematic review published in Epilepsia.

In this review, 2 independent investigators searched clinical trial databases for studies that evaluated the link between vitamin Dsupplements and bone health in adult patients with epilepsy. The investigators evaluated the methodological quality of the studies with the Cochrane Collaboration's tool and a modified Newcastle Ottawa Scale for non-randomized trials. A total of 9 studies were included in the final analysis.


Of the included trials, results from 5 studies indicated that bone mineralization was lower in patients with epilepsy compared with controls. In addition, data from 5 studies demonstrated a significant improvement in serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D from baseline to post-treatment vitamin D supplementation (range P <.01 to P <.0001).

Following vitamin D intervention, serum calcium also improved in 3 studies (range P <.02 to P <.001), and serum alkaline phosphatase improved in 6 studies (range P <.05 to P <.0001). In addition, 2 studies found a significant decrease in parathyroid hormone following supplementation (range P <.05 to P <.05).

A lack of replication existed between studies, which may limit the practical applicability of the findings in the real-world setting. Also, the association between vitamin D and bone health improvement in these studies did not provide a causal explanation, and the investigators suggest their findings did not provide any conclusive evidence.


Source: www.neurologyadvisor.com