East Texas neurologist can prescribe cannabis oil for some epileptic patients


TYLER, TX (KLTV) -Texans with intractable epilepsy can now pick up legalized cannabis oil at two dispensaries near Austin.

But patients can only be prescribed this medication by certified doctors in the state, and one of them happens to be right here in East Texas. Dr. Gina Jetter of Northeast Texas Neurology is one of around 20 epileptologists in the state who can prescribe cannabis oil to patients.

The marijuana plant, proven to help aid many different illnesses, is now helping Texans with intractable epilepsy or seizures.

“The intractable part means that you’ve tried two medications and despite those medications at a good dose, you still have seizures,” Dr. Jetter said.  

Research has found that this specific kind of oil is proven to help those who have tried a variety of FDA approved medication and still get seizures.

“The CBD slows the brainwaves down you can think of epilepsy as a short circuiting of brain waves so you have a lot of fast activities,” Dr. Jetter said. “So one of the ways CBD oil works is that it slows the brain waves and slows the brains activity down.”

However, getting this prescription is no easy task. Patients must be a permanent resident of the state and get approval from two of the approved doctors.

“Because this is not something we know a lot about, and because of the potential for abuse, they want to make sure there are lots of checks and balances in place,” Dr. Jetter said.  

While this is a new form of treatment for those with epilepsy, Dr. Jetter says she is excited to see how this new medication can help her patients.

“It’s another thing in our tool box that can potentially really help these patients and give them a better quality of life,” Dr. Jetter said. “And that’s what’s important.”

Dr. Jetter says she has not prescribed cannabis oil to any of her patients yet but has multiple intractable epilepsy patients who are eager to give this new oil a try.


Source: http://www.kswo.com